Douwe Jan Bonthuis

Theoretical Biophysics

Institute of Theoretical and Computational Physics
Graz University of Technology
Petersgasse 16
8010 Austria
Office: PH 02 106
Telephone: +43 (316) 873 - 8179

Master's and bachelor's projects available

Possible topics include:

  • Nonlinear electrokinetics of small colloids
  • Dielectric spectra of water and electrolytes
  • X-ray spectroscopy of lipid membranes
  • Ion adsorption on amyloid bundles

Please send an email in case of interest.
  • photo
    Box-model with analytic solution used to study sub-nanometer-wide interfacial layer
  • photo
    Small concentrations of charged impurities explain surface tension and electrophoretic mobility
  • photo
    pH determines the conductivity of electrolyte-filled carbon nanotubes as a function of salinity
  • photo
    Power-law behavior of electro-osmotic mobility as a sensitive probe for the interfacial viscosity
  • photo
    Ion-ion interactions inside nanopores give rise to rising noise spectrum at low frequency
  • photo
    Molecular dynamics simulations and continuum theory reveal molecular structure of aqueous interfaces
  • photo
    The interfacial dielectric profile and viscosity determine electrokinetic flow and conductivity