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Stronger Paper due to Optimal Use of the Raw Material

The emphasis in research in this CD-Laboratory is put into investigation of the physical and chemical fundamentals of fibre to fibre bonds in paper. Fibre-fibre bonds are influenced mostly by the surface chemistry between individual fibres, which share molecular contact.


Our Industry Partners and Research Groups

Our associate industry partner Mondi Packaging produces papers in mills worldwide. The Frantschach branch promotes scientific research on improving strength of kraft paper and contacted Ao. Univ.- Prof. Dr. Robert Schennach with their request. As a result the institution of a new CD Laboratory for Surface Chemical and Physical Fundamentals of Paper Strength was proposed and successfully funded. Costs are split between the Christian Doppler Gesellschaft (CDG) of the Austrian Research Foundation and the Industry partners. Additional partner companies include Lenzing AG and Kelheim Fibres GmbH. Our knowledge base is further expanded via research groups from two Universities: CD Lab members at the Institute of Solid State Physics and the Institute for Paper, Pulp and Fibre Technology at the University of Technology at Graz as well as members of the Scanning probe microscopy group from the Dept. of Physics at the University of Mining at Leoben.


Analytical Methods

Fibre-Fibre bonds are analysed from the different focal points:

Surface Chemistry and aof Fibers and chemistry of fibre-fibre bonds are analysed using Attenuated Total Reflection Fourier Transformation Infrared Spectroskopy (ATR - FTIR).

Morphological structures of the fibre-fibre bonds are pictured with a three dimensional microscopic imaging pocess, which is based on computer assisted reassembly and analysis of thin layers. The area in contact and and fibre morphology are of special interest in this regard.

The factual strenght of fibre-fibre bonds as well as the morphogy of the fibre surface and the areas of fracture is looked into via AFM at a nanometer scale.



Our industry based asscociates will use the collected results of this fundamental research to decide on scientifially substantiated ground which strategies boost strength of the fibre to fibre bond

Adhering to this stragtegy will optimally bind the synergies of fundamental research to to the principles of Applied research in accordance with the guidelines of the CDG.




Our Aim :

Stronger paper by optimized use of the renewable resource wood