Christian Doppler Laboratory

of Surface Chemical and Physical Fundamentals

of Paper Strength




Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mag. Robert Schennach


Institute of Solid State Physics:

Dr. Mag. Robert Schennach: robert.schennach(at)

MSc Esther Schennach : esther.schennach(at)

DI. Stefan Diebald : diebald(at)

DI. Albrecht Miletzky: miletzky(at)

BSc. Sebastian Rohm : srohm(at)


Institute of Paper- ,Pulp- and Fibretechnology:

Prof. Dr.DI. Wolfgang Bauer: wolfgang.bauer(at)

Dr.DI. Ulrich Hirn: ulrich.hirn(at)

DI.Wolfgang Fischer: wolfgang.fischer(at)

Barbara Hummer: b.hummer(at)

Manuela Hartner: manuela.hartner(at)

Harald Streicher: hstreicher(at)

Dr. DI.Rene Eckhart: rene.eckhart(at)

DI. Frederik Weber:

MSc. Jussi Lahti : jlahti(at)


Institute of Physics, Montanuniversity of Leoben, SPM Group:

Prof. Dr. Christian Teichert: teichert(at)

Dr. DI.Franz Schmied: franz.schmied(at)

DI. Christian Ganser: christian.ganser(at)

Patrice Kreiml : patrice.kreiml(at)


Contact person at Mondi Packaging:

DI. Leo Arpa:


Contact person at Lenzing:

Dr. Andrea Borgards : a.borgards(at)


Contact person at Kelheim:

Dr. Walter Roggenstein: Walter.Roggenstein(at)

Our Aim :

Stronger paper by optimized use of the renewable resource wood