Weissenkar Rock Glacier (Carinthia, Austria):

Weissenkar rock glacier (August, 2004)
Weissenkar rock glacier (46°57.5’ N, 12°45’ E) is situated in a glacially shaped cirque in the Schober Mountains of the Eastern Alps, Austria. The rock glacier creeps downslope at a comparatively low velocity of up to 11 cm/yr. The creeping permafrost body has now reached a flat plateau-like area where its motion is retarded due to low inclination resulting in a very pronounced surface topography.
Panoramic view of Weissenkar rock glacier. Photographs taken in August 2004. The viewing direction is from the geodetic reference point F1 in a southerly direction.

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For more information please see http://www.staff.tugraz.at/viktor.kaufmann/Weissenkar_Rock_Glacier/

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