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  1. Martin Schnedlitz, Daniel Knez, Maximilian Lasserus, Ferdinand Hofer, Ricardo Fernández-Perea, Andreas W. Hauser, Marı́a Pilar de Lara-Castells, Wolfgang E. Ernst. Thermally Induced Diffusion and Restructuring of Iron Triade (Fe, Co, Ni) Nanoparticles Passivated by Several Layers of Gold. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 124(30):16680-16688, 2020. details download
  2. Wolfgang E. Ernst, Andreas W. Hauser. Metal clusters synthesized in helium droplets: structure and dynamics from experiment and theory. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 23(13):7553-7574, 2020. details
  3. Maximilian Lasserus, Martin Schnedlitz, Roman Messner, Florian Lackner, Wolfgang E. Ernst, Andreas W. Hauser. Vanadium(V) oxide clusters synthesized by sublimation from bulk under fully inert conditions. Chemical Science, 10(12):3473-3480, 2019. details download
  4. Daniel Knez, Martin Schnedlitz, Maximilian Lasserus, Andreas W. Hauser, Wolfgang E. Ernst, Ferdinand Hofer, Gerald Kothleitner. The impact of swift electrons on the segregation of Ni-Au nanoalloys. Applied Physics Letters, 115(12), 2019. details download
  5. Maximilian Lasserus, Daniel Knez, Martin Schnedlitz, Andreas W. Hauser, Ferdinand Hofer, Wolfgang E. Ernst. On the passivation of iron particles at the nanoscale. Nanoscale Advances, 1(6):2276-2283, 2019. details download
  6. María Pilar de Lara-Castells, Andreas W. Hauser, José M. Ramallo-López, David Buceta, Lisandro J. Giovanetti, M. Arturo López-Quintela, Félix G. Requejo. Increasing the optical response of TiO 2 and extending it into the visible region through surface activation with highly stable Cu 5 clusters. Journal of Materials Chemistry A, 7(13):7489-7500, 2019. details download
  7. Patricia López-Caballero, Andreas W. Hauser, María Pilar de Lara-Castells. Exploring the Catalytic Properties of Unsupported and TiO2‑Supported Cu5 Clusters: CO2 Decomposition to CO and CO2 Photoactivation. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 123(37):23064-23074, 2019. details download
  8. Martin Schnedlitz, Ricardo Fernandez-Perea, Daniel Knez, Maximilian Lasserus, Alexander Schiffmann, Ferdinand Hofer, Andreas W. Hauser, Maria Pilar de Lara-Castells, Wolfgang E. Ernst. Effects of the Core Location on the Structural Stability of Ni–Au Core–Shell Nanoparticles. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 123(32):20037-20043, 2019. details download
  9. Maximilian Lasserus, Martin Schnedlitz, Daniel Knez, Roman Messner, Alexander Schiffmann, Florian Lackner, Andreas W. Hauser, Ferdinand Hofer, Wolfgang E. Ernst. Thermally induced alloying processes in a bimetallic system at the nanoscale: AgAu sub-5 nm core–shell particles studied at atomic resolution. Nanoscale, 10(4):2017-2024, 2018. details download
  10. Martin Schnedlitz, Maximilian Lasserus, Ralf Meyer, Daniel Knez, Ferdinand Hofer, Wolfgang E. Ernst, Andreas W. Hauser. Stability of Core–Shell Nanoparticles for Catalysis at Elevated Temperatures: Structural Inversion in the Ni–Au System Observed at Atomic Resolution. Chemistry of Materials, 30(3):1113-1120, 2018. details download

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