Tschadinhorn Rock Glacier (Carinthia, Austria):

Tschadinhorn rock glacier, Austria
Tschadinhorn rock glacier (46°59’38” N, 12°41’47” E) is located in the Schober Mountains (Hohe Tauern Range, Austria) and is one of the fastest moving rock glaciers in the Austrian Alps. It is situated in a cirque northwest of Tschadinhorn (3016 m) stretching from 2800 m to 2575 m. The tongue-shaped rock glacier is approx. 550 m long and between 80 and 100 m wide. It is moving over a rock terrace into steeper terrain where high flow velocities up to 4.5 m/year (2014-2015) prevail. [ Poster ]
Snout of Tschadinhorn rock glacier. Photograph taken on August 25, 2016. North-viewing direction. In the background: Grossglockner (3798 m), Austria's highest mountain.

References (selected):

Animation of rock glacier movement: https://www.staff.tugraz.at/viktor.kaufmann/animations.html#Tschadinhorn_rock_glacier

For more information on rock glacier kinematics, please see http://www.staff.tugraz.at/viktor.kaufmann/Tschadinhorn_Rock_Glacier/

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