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I'm an associate professor at Graz University of Technology and research area manager at the Know-Center.

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Working, Learning, and Technology

My research is on interactive systems design from a socio-technical and learning perspective. Socio-technical design means that technologies don't work on their own. Rather, the whole socio-technical system in which they are placed needs to work in harmony. Subsequently, I understand my work as designing socio-technical interventions.
My research is design-oriented in two senses: i) researching novel technologies that support situated learning and knowledge construction; and ii) researching how novel technologies can be systematically developed taking socio-technical issues under consideration (research on socio-technical design methods and underlying theory).
My technology focus is on data analytics and AI-enabled technologies. I use methods from user-centered and contextual design; and carry out experimental studies, design studies and field studies. Analysis methods are qualitative, quantiative, and data analytics based when log data are available and meaningful.
A focal domain of design in my research is learning, typically outside a formal educational context. My perspective is that learning is a lifelong human endeavour, and as such is interwoven and connected to all other human activities. For instance, when analysing work, I am typically interested in how learning happens, and how learning can be supported in the context of working.

My research is situated in human-computer interaction, and educational technology research from a human-computer perspective.

Current Research Streams:

Selected Publications

  1. Leonie Disch, Angela Fessl & Viktoria Pammer-Schindler. Designing for Knowledge Construction to Facilitate the Uptake of Open Science: Laying out the Design Space. ACM Conf. on Human-Computer Interaction, 2022 (CHI 2022). A* Conference
  2. Viktoria Pammer-Schindler & Michael Prilla (2021). The Reflection Object: An Activity-Theory Informed Concept for Designing for Reflection. Interacting with Computers. IF=1.174
  3. Viktoria Pammer-Schindler & Carolyn Rosé (2021). Data-Related Ethics Issues in Technologies for Informal Professional Learning. International Journal of Artificial Intelligence in Education. Q1 / IF=4.08 DOI:
  4. Angela Fessl, Viktoria Pammer-Schindler, Kai Pata, Sandra Feyertag, Matti Möttus, Jörgen Janus & Tobias Ley (2020). A Cooperative Design Method for SMEs to Adopt New Technologies for Knowledge Management: A Multiple Case Study. Journal of Universal Computer Science, Vol. 26/9. IF=0.91
  5. Carla Barreiros, Viktoria Pammer-Schindler & Eduardo Veas. Planting the Seed of Positive Human-IoT Interaction. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction, Taylor & Francis, 2019, IF=1.354
  6. Angela Fessl, Gudrun Wesiak, Veronica Rivera-Pelayo, Sandra Feyertag, Viktoria Pammer. In-app Reflection Guidance: Lessons Learned across Four Field Trials at the Workplace. IEEE Transactions on Learning Technologies, Vol 10/4, pp 488-501, 2017. DOI:  IF=2,267

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